ALIS 100: Academic and Life Skills

ALIS 100 is a journey of self–discovery and awareness–raising. This course aims to support students in their process of self–knowledge and assigning meaning to the outside world, and to empower them with the skills they may need to establish a compromise between themselves and the outside world. These skills are goal–setting, time management, effective communication, conflict and stress management.

Upon completion of the course, students shall:

  •    Grasp the importance of self–knowledge (values, priorities, strengths and aspects that can be further developed) and have applied skills to this end.
  •    Determine short and long term plans. With this aim in mind, they shall develop their time management and stress management skills and make use of available resources.
  •    Gain and use skills to manage their relationship with their environment.
  •    Develop sensitivity and respect towards differences and adopt an inclusive attitude towards the different.
  •    Develop skills to resolve conflicts they encounter in their relationships.
  •    Effectively communicate their ideas and enthusiasm to others.

The content and methodology of the course have been compiled by the instructors of the course and published by Koç University Press, in 2015.