Training Programs

Training programs for KU Staff: ALIS faculty delivered training programs to Koç University staff on topics such as trainer training, stress management, team effectiveness, conflict resolution, time management, effective presentation skills, and strategies for effective communication with difficult students and offering support to them.

Collaboration with KU Graduate School of Business: Seminars and educational programs were introduced in cooperation with Koç University Graduate School of Business in order to contribute to the development of people in professional world.

Training given to Parole Officers in the Ministry of Justice, 2015: ALIS faculty offered training programs on “Communication with prisoners”, “Drug addiction” and “Stress management” to parole officers as part of collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and Koç University.

Trainings for Teachers from Sarıyer District, 2015:  “Overcoming Stress Effectively” and “Time Management” seminars were delivered to teachers working in Sarıyer, in cooperation with Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSEF).

Koç University Nursing School- Intensive Care Unit Conference, 2014 : ALIS faculty invited and participated as a panelist to Intensive Care Unit Conference and provided effective communication skills seminar for nurses and medical doctors.

Psychological Preparation and Readiness for Earthquake, 2013: A presentation titled “Psychological Preparation for Earthquake” was made in a collaboration with Municipality of Sarıyer.

Training for High School Principal and Guidance Counselors, 2013: For over 300 high school principals and guidance counselors visiting Koç University from all over Türkiye, a special training on communication and diversity is offfered.

Training on Communication and Leadership, 2012: Trainings on communication and leadership were offered to school administrators from Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Training on Creativity, 2012: The trainings about “Creativity” were delivered to high school principals and guidance counselors as a part of their visit to Koç University.


ALIS faculty is member of the following committees at Koç University, and offers support for the development of the campus community.

o   Plagiarism Committee: ALIS faculty works with the committee to develop initiatives to prevent plagiarism among students.

o   Sexual Abuse Policy: ALIS faculty works together with the Office of Human Resources to develop the Koç University Sexual Abuse Policy, and plan and implement an online training program for the university’s advisors on sexual abuse policy.

o   Sustainable Campus Working Group: ALIS faculty is actively involved in this working group in developing and implementing projects in creating awareness on sustainability and environment.

o   Koç University Student Honor Code: During the preparation process of Honor Code, a consultancy was provided for Koç University students who voluntarily initiated a project to create student honor code on campus.

o   KU Psychiatric Emergency Procedure: ALIS faculty participated in the meetings organized by Dean of Students and Student Health Center in order to provide support and input in writing the procedure for psychiatric emergencies involving Koç University students.

o   Universal Perfections of KU Students-Working Team: The aim of this working team is revealing the non-academic skills of students and provide a competence them in this sense. The projects about preparing students for university and post-university life.

Consultancy is being provided on various projects for different departments of university, including:

o   Dormitory Management
o   Anatolian Scholars Program
o   Office of International Programs
o   Career Development Center
o   Communication Office
o   Dean of Students
o   Student Health Center


Disability Symposium, 2013: ALIS faculty organized a symposium on mental disabilities in collaboration with Turkish Psychological Association and IZEV (Foundation for the Education and Cooperation for the Mentally Disabled) as part of ‘Ülkem İçin’ social responsibility project.

Symposium of ‘Farkımız Yok, Farkına Varın’, 2012: A symposium was organized as a part of ALIS 100 course to increase the awareness for people with disabilities.