Training programs

ALIS GRADA series of workshops focusing on different topics are being offered every term for graduate students since spring 2015. These workshops, which allow face-to-face interactions in small groups, are designed according to the needs of graduate students and aim to support students with the skills and knowledge that are needed for a more efficient and successful academic life. Additionally, these workshops assist graduate students in having a balance between their personal and academic lives. Workshops that have been offered so far are as follows:

o   Work- Life Balance: Time Management
o   Work-Life Balance: Overcoming the Stress
o   Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques
o   Conflict Management
o   Procrastination and Ways to Overcome It

RA and Mentor Training: Training programs to Freshmen Mentors, Exchange Mentors and Residence Assistants are provided at the beginning of each academic year. Communication and relationship management, problem solving, stress and peer support are some of the trainings that are offered in order to support these students in their leadership roles.

Cultural Awareness and Diversity Seminar for Exchange and Erasmus StudentsA special seminar is designed for the needs of undergraduate students, who are going to an abroad study program. The aim of the program is to prepare them to the cultural variations they may face during their stay in another country and to help them to become more aware of diversity issues, and to provide them some practical tips for a healthy and smooth transition and adaptation to a new culture.

Summer School for High School Students, 2014-2015: A brief version of ALIS 100 course is offered for high school students. In these lectures, the aim is to provide the necessary knowledge and to enhance their skills in self-awareness, goal setting, time management, stress management and effective communication.

Communication and Problem Solving Training for Mentor Students, 2014: A special training about relation management and effective communication is designed and offered to mentor students, who were responsible for welcoming parents and high school students during university introduction days.

KU Volunteers Outdoor Training Programs, 2014-2015: An outdoor training program is offered to the Koç University Volunteers Club Executive Board at the beginning of the academic year. This program aims to enhance leadership and communication skills of the members in order to become an efficient team.

‘Gelecekte Sen’ Leadership Academy, 2013-2014: ALIS faculty provided two lectures on stress and time management to prospective college students as part of the promotional activities conducted by Koç University, Office of Communications.

Boğaziçi University, European School of Politics, 2014An effective speaking training program is designed and delivered as part of a program, which aimed to bring students coming from different cities of Türkiye together and provide a distinctive perspective about politics and culture.

‘Sınava Hazırlanırken’ İzmir American College, 2013-2014: This program was created for prospective college students. In this program; the importance of thoughts on overcoming stress in an effective way and the methods for displaying the most successful performance in university admission exam were discussed.


Global Engagement Certificate Co-Coordination and Executive Board: ALIS faculty co-coordinated the certificate program with the Office of International Programs and Career Development Center. ALIS faculty was also actively involved in the process of determining the outlines of the program and the selection criteria, reviewing applications and recruiting students for the certificate program.

Global Engagement Certificate – Advising: ALIS faculty has been acting as advisors to students in the program and offered one-to-one advising in order to assist students in their personal and academic development in line with the program objectives..

Global Engagement Certificate – Research Group: ALIS faculty participated in the research group involved in measuring the effectiveness of the program.

MGMT 508- Intercultural Competency Development Program, 2013-2014: ALIS faculty assisted students taking MGMT 508 course in developing intercultural competencies throughout the semester. After students had completed the ‘Intercultural Competency Scale’, students met with one ALIS faculty to review their scale report, choose a competency to develop further and to determine their own personal development plan. ALIS faculty monitored students’ progress. A second meeting is conducted at the end of the semester for evaluation and feedback.

‘Effective Speaking’ Course, 2013: The implementation of a one-credit course on effective speaking was coordinated by ALIS faculty.

Consulting and Supporting Student Clubs in Koç University:

o   KU Psychology Club: ALIS faculty were guest speakers for the seminars organized by KU Psychology Club and informed students about graduate education, professional training and internship opportunities in clinical psychology.
o   KU Musical Club: Consultancy in artistic topics has been provided for this club since 2011.
o   ‘Yaşayan Kütüphane’(Human Library): The consultancy was provided to the students, who were involved in the organization of this annual event on campus.