ALIS 350: Transition to Professional Life

The ALIS 350 course invites students once more onto a journey of self–exploration during their transition to professional life before their graduation. During this journey, students are encouraged to reflect deeply on the individual and professional experience they have gained during their university life and to increase their awareness. At the same time they are also expected to develop their skills for conducting a project as a team member. Through in–class exercises, simulations and projects, the course aims to equip them with advanced skills required in professional life, before they graduate.

These interactive and student–focused courses aim to enable students to highlight their strengths for today’s competitive business environment, and to transition into a career that is compatible with their aims. This 3–credit elective course touches up the following topics: project management, teamwork, emotional intelligence, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, and healthy boundaries at work. Students have ample opportunities to apply what they are learning on various phases of the projects that they have developed in their teams.

Student Projects

The projects initiated, developed and executed by student groups, constitute the backbone of the ALIS 350 course. During the course of the project, each student group is supervised by a faculty member. The team work accomplished for the project by students is evaluated throughout the semester and students get feedback from their teammates and from the supervising faculty member. Here is a listing of the themes of student projects:

Sports and Healthy Living

  • Sports for KU Life: Planning and execution of various activities to increase interest in sports among Koç University students
  • KoçRun: Organization of a university­–wide traditional run
  • Organization of a series of informative activities for the promotion of physical and spiritual health


  • Preparation and delivery of an education program concerning sustainability and environmental protection to a primary school in Rumeli Feneri, Sarıyer.
  • Organization of a seminar in cooperation with “Sokakların çatısı yok” (“Streets have no roof” an association for the protection of children)
  • Organization of a seminar concerning children who grow up in prison and to provide help to support the development of these children.
  • Working with Beykoz Eğitime Destek Derneği –– ­BEDES (Beykoz Association for Educational Support), planning and organization of a series of activities to support the social development of primary school children.

Sustainability and Environment

  •   Promotion of the Zero Waste project initiated at Koç University and organization of awareness raising
  •   With the cooperation of Koç University and the Sarıyer Municipality, the preparation and printing of an informative brochure concerning environmental protection and waste
  •   Measurement of carbon footprint at Koç University and awareness work that aims to reduce it
  •   Awareness workshop conducted in the library concerning paper usage by students
  •   Preparation of a business plan and report to support local agriculture in Gümüşdere and developing cooperation with the university
  •   Organization of activities in order to create awareness concerning street dogs and animal shelters, and the collection of donation for shelters
  •   An awareness campaign directed to finding owners for dogs in animal shelters

Campus Projects and Projects Catering to Students

  • TourIst: promotion of less–known locations of Istanbul and planning student trips
  • Planning and organization of promotion activities for the services provided by Koç University’s Career Development Center
  • The promotion of Koç University’s CEMS MIM (Masters in International Management) program on campus
  • Planning and execution of support work for the transfer of library books onto audio book format for students with visual impairment
  • Organizing a seminar in cooperation with OPET, to create awareness on the issue of toilet hygiene and health on campus
  • Organizing an activity through social media in order to support student openness to new experiences and to promote them to step outside of their comfort zones
  • Promotion and awareness work concerning the expansion of quiet study areas in Koç University Library
  • Promotion among students of the education and seminar series known as “School of Life” and management of participation to one of the seminars