Koç University offers graduate students a unique experience in this center of excellence with its world class quality of education, focus on R&D, globally acclaimed faculty members and students filled with the desire to learn and do research.  In total the university offers 31 masters (thesis / non-thesis) and 16 Ph.D. programs in the Institute of Science and Engineering, Institute of Business, Institute of Social Sciences and Institute of Health Sciences. In Spring 2017, ALIS faculty offers different workshops to support the personal development of these students. You may find detailed information about these workshops below.


Managing Procrastination

March 3rd, Friday, 10:00-12:00, Student Center B328

In this workshop participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to discover their own individual causes that lead to procrastination,
  • Increase awareness of mental processes and functional behaviors when managing procrastination.

For your questions, please send an e-mail to Bulent Kilic at bukilic@ku.edu.tr.



Managing and Resolving Conflicts in Relationships

March 3rd, Friday, 13:00-17:00, Student Center B328

In this experiential workshop, participants will:

  • Develop awareness about personal boundaries and how to set healthy boundaries in relationships,
  • Learn how to manage interpersonal differences in terms of values and priorities as well as information-processing or meaning-making into an experience,
  • Analyze the sources of interpersonal conflicts and underlying emotions,
  • Learn about the different styles in conflict resolution and gain insight about their own styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each style,
  • Be given tips about how to create a constructive and adaptive atmosphere in even tense social situations and how to deal effectively with possible conflicts,
  • Develop emphaty skills and be able to find effective solutions in problematic social situations.

The workshop is comprised of two consecutive sessions in the same day as the total duration of 4 hours. For your questions, please send an e-mail to Dincer Kocalar at dkocalar@ku.edu.tr.



Unplug: 4-Week Practice Based Workshop On Mindfulness and Stress Management

March 10th-17th-24th-31st, Friday, 11:00-12:15, Student Center B328

In this experiential workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the theory of mindfulness together with the latest scientific finding on the effects and benefits of mindfulness,
  • Practice specific mindfulness skills and techniques, including eating and walking meditation, breath awareness and belly breathing…to name a few,
  • Integrate mindfulness practices into their daily lives and reflect on their experience.

In order to register for this workshop, participants must be able to attend all 4 classes (once a week for 75 minutes). For your questions, please send an e-mail to Rengin Işık at risik@ku.edu.tr.



My Research, Relationships and Hobbies… How To Prioritize?

March 10th- 17th , Friday, 14:00-16:00, Student Center B328

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Discuss prioritization as a time management construct, how it is related to self-awareness and goal setting
  • Identify the current key areas in their life and their relative importance,
  • Identify current goals in SMART format,
  • Determine current time management patterns,
  • Distinguish urgent tasks and important tasks from others using Covey matrix and  80/20 Rule,
  • Identify their own time stealers and use the methods of delegating, saying no, eliminating to minimize their effect in their life,
  • Apply Covey’s prioritization method: ‘Big Rocks First’,
  • Learn how to make best use of their productive hours,
  • Observe how perfectionism impacts prioritization,
  • Practice the use of time planners,
  • Develop their personal prioritization plan

Students will benefit the most if they attend both of the consecutive sessions. For your questions, please send an e-mail to Pinar Ozbek at pozbek@ku.edu.tr.



How Good Are Your Presentation Skills: Tips, Techniques and Processes…

April 21st-28th, Friday, 14:00-16:00, Student Center B328

As a result of this seminar the individuals are better able to;

  • Analyze the needs of the audience,
  • Structure the presentation content with maximum impact,
  • Motivate and engage the audience with different interaction techniques,
  • Improve self-confidence,
  • Understand the role of body language; the impact of eye contact, and the voice,
  • Improve their ability to answer questions effectively,
  • Create impact with powerful visual aids,
  • Convey a professional image,
  • Control stress before and during presentations.

In order to register for this workshop, participants must be able to attend 2 classes (once a week for 2 hours). For your questions, please send an e-mail to Muhsine Itir Ozgen at iozgen@ku.edu.tr.



Stress, My Lifelong Buddy: A Workshop With A Blend Of Theory and Practice

April 28th, Friday, 10:00-12:00, Student Center B328

At the end of this workshop, the participant will be able to,

  • Define stress and explore its physiological impact,
  • Try to understand personal stress factors,
  • To discuss if it is possible to live together in peace and harmony and see if we can employ stress in order to boost our efficiency.

For your questions, please send an e-mail to Esra Tuncer at etuncer@ku.edu.tr.